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Friday, April 6, 2012

Apa Maksud LOL,LMAO,ROLF,BRB ...??

Jawapan Yg Pacik Google bagi :

LOL      = laughing out loud
LMAO   = laugh my ass off
ROLF    = rolling on the floor laughing
BRB      = be right back
AFK      = away from the keyboard
TY         = thank you
THX      = thanks
NP        = no problem

FYI       = For your information
TTYL    =Talk to you later
TTFN   = Ta Ta For Now)
NVM    = nevermind
GTG     = Got To Go
LYLAS = Love You Like A Sister
TTYL    = Talk To You Later

Setakat nem tuh jew la yg aku pernah jumpe kat chat . Yang lain orang tak slalu gunew .
. Yang tak penah jumpe pon ade . Hehe!!

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